Train Simulator PRO 2018 App Reviews

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Fun? When does that start?

This game is boring. All signals are green. You can’t see them til you’re on top of them. Speed limits of 100 mph for freight? Uh, no. Too many speed changes. No station stops. You just start gaining speed (only about half of what the limit is) when the speed changes again. Yawn.......

Latest update has broken the game

The game is unplayable with the most recent update. Feels like the company wanted to make a quick buck and ignored product quality all together. But none the less the game has potential if development would fix the lingering issues that have been around for months now.

Great game! Railroad crossing issues.

Love playing the game but the railroad crossing issues have to be only happens when you are pulling a large train..I had a 45 car train and it kept on happening. I was leaving Miami and there are 3 crossings. I got hit for over $15,000 dollars in fines for not sounding my horn which I did before and during the length of the whole train and it did not because of it I can’t get a perfect run which gets me gems..PLEASE FIX!!

Walking outside the cab

You should update this game so that we have the ability to walk outside the cab.Also can you add more train engines please

Not a good game,

It started off good, game was challenging and realistic like, after spending some money I was really digging this game, then all of the sudden I was not able to sign up for a new mission, when I finally figured out how to get a mission that I didn’t want now I can’t complete it! I tried to get in touch with a tech guy but all they do is send you a confirmation email and that’s it! Don’t waist your time or money with this game! Take my warning!!

Could be better!

This game is a great game but It would be a whole lot better if there weren’t as many speed zones throughout the game. It gets really annoying to have to start and stop every five minutes because you have a 45mph zone and a 30mph zone coming up every five minutes. Another bad thing about this game is the comfort level of you passengers which decides how much money you make after each mission. That’s all good but even when you are going the speed limit coming into a station and you have to stop to unload you passengers your comfort level drops which is ridiculous because how can you unload your passengers if you don’t stop? Yes I understand that if you stop to quick this would be a problem but we’re talking about stopping slowly and it still hurts your comfort level. I’ll give this game two stars only because the rules are horrible. Engines cost way to much and get damaged too easily. This game could be wonderful and fun but it’s not because of the rules of the game.

Games a rip off

This game is a rip off. You can only play one mission and if you run out of gas you need 4800 coins to buy more. So of course you must use real money to buy coins. So $4.99 to buy the game and then buy diamonds and coins. Don’t waste your money.

Save your money

I am very disappointed in this supposed simulator, I wish I could get a refund.

It's okay - Crashing Problems

Well what little I have played this game seems to be pretty good. Except the game keeps crashing. Don't think the cost is worth paying until it is fixed. So beware of what you getting your self into.

Great game’s but some bugs

Hello, today I am here to tell the creator TruckerPRO2017 and TrainSimPRO2018 two days ago I was buying on TrainSimPRO2018, 170 gems for $2.99 dollars. And on TruckerPRO2017 80 gems for the same amount $2.99 dollars. I bought it and nothing happen, my gems didn’t go up. So please fix this bug as this will be a relief. Thank you.

Not worth the money

I’m very disappointed in this

Do not buy

Game is nothing but problems since I have downloaded, froze up and can not play it at all, no response from support in 4 days, also never received gem that was purchased. Do not buy this game.

Crashes too much

Crashes every time I finish a mission causing me to not get my payout. Expected more for an app you pay for.

Game freezing and closing

Once new update happened, game began freezing at completion of passenger missions and won’t even allow a start to freight missions. Just freezes and closes. Please fix.


I love this game they don’t have that many train games . I recommend that you can go around the whole USA. Pls do this and I will be happy and I will like it better like you can go to Los Angeles or Denver

This game is Awesome but it is kind of bad

This game is awesome I love it but it’s kind of bad

Young and proud

The trains should have lifespans and as they get older they get rusted. That would make the game even more realistic!


This game is terrible. When I first got it everything was going well until after 2 min. It said that I need to make repairs. But since I just got the game I did not have any coins. So then I could not do anything without paying 3$. This game is just a money grabber. Also, when I started playing the game i had 1000 coins but then It kept taking those coins from me for no reason. Do not buy this game.


This game is the best mobile train simulator around. Only suggestion is to add bells to the trains!

Matt's Review

Hi friends, this is a fun game, but, needs an update. A head light going both directions, a bell, appropriate horns for corresponding locomotives. Now, I've just been using the passenger trains, so I will write more once I've expanded. Have a great day!

Obvious cash grab, requesting refund

“You must stop for emergency repairs, pay 4000 gold.” You need fuel? Give us gold. You should really upgrade the durability of your engine so it doesn’t break down every 10 minutes, spend some gold sucker. This GAME is built around IAPs, gems and gold and stupid upgrades only added in to milk your wallets. There isn’t a route map of any kind, which makes changing switches totally pointless yet the game allows you to change them. The screen shots in the App Store are not true to the game you will end up downloading. There are only 2 camera options, cab view and a close up aerial view, definitely NOT a distant aerial view like what is shown the screen shots. Why do no oncoming trains have their lights on? Why do all trains in this app pull exactly three cars? This game does absolutely nothing original and there are better train based sim/games on the App Store. The PRO in the title must refer to professional IAP implementation because there is nothing pro about the gameplay.

Problem with directions

So, I love this game a lot. It’s has good gameplay, graphics, and missions. However, there is a problem. There is always a yellow line on the track when I’m doing missions and the train is just going straight just fine, but then the line/direction suddenly changes, forcing me to go backwards the rest of the way. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to avoid this? Help me out, please. Thanks.

More of a game than a simulator

Being an avid train simulator runner, I found this app to be more of a game that an actual simulator. To start, you get a slow almost useless loco with 2 passenger cars. You have to run the missions(route scenarios as we enthusiasts call em) to get enough gold so you can buy more rail cars or locos. Which is lame. Most simulators provide up to 7 or more locos and a variety of rail cars to start. There’s an annoying yellow strip on top of the tracks that I guess guides you in the right direction but really takes away from the somewhat decent reality. The fines on exceeding speed limit and failure to blow horn are lame as well. This app is just another “pay to win”game.

Train Pro Simulator 18

I love playing this game. I can’t get over how real the graphics are. I was wondering if you could tell me where and how do I find the train yard. So that I can get my Engine served? And back to running great again. Thanks Jonathan Dorton

Software Doesn’t Work Correctly

When you first start the game and are going through the training runs it states engine damage can come along if you exceed speed. Sometimes you will be going half of the speed limit and your engine damage meter will go up to the point of breaking. Your train will then not go more the 5MPH and then it wants 4000 coins to fix it and if you don’t have that amount of coins you are unable to continue and have to either buy the coins in game with really money OR uninstall and start from the beginning.


TRAINZ finally has competition. Once you get into proactive rather than reactive gameplay and understand the relationship between hard braking and brake damage & comfort and also over speeding and engine damage it is a great game model. All I can say is more, more, more. Trains, cargo, cities. The ability to sell your old trains off would be nice even at a lower price. Complete control of consist layout, engines wherever you want them front, mid, end. Ability to zoom out more. Environment change with state, desert, mountain, etc. Along with appropriate weather. And more lighting effects on trains not just engines either and on buildings and at stops, street lights, cars etc. Change paint color so cars match engines at least for passenger? This might be a bit much but an interactive train yard here and there to perform shunting missions and load unload freight? That would be fricken awesome! Well done Mageeks, well done. So when does the ship sim come out? (Wink, wink)

This game is amazing! But...

The game is great. The controls are simple and somewhat realistic. The graphics are good for a phone and it’s fun to play. But there’s an issue and I’m not sure if it’s intended or not. But it’s the fact that I have an issue where the game says I failed to use my horn at a grade crossing even though I did. I even sounded my horn before the game was telling me I should and I still get the fine. And it’s constant too. I can’t sound my horn to stop it and it gets really annoying really fast. If you could please fix that, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, it would be cool if you added more cars like auto racks or flatbeds specifically made for trailers. It would also be cool if you added SD type locomotives and be able to switch the orientation around so there could be locomotives that are facing backwards. Heck, you could have it so you could have an end of train locomotive or be able to edit the color of it as well. I could go on and on for suggestions for this game. But the fine thing, I’d love for it to be fixed. Either it’s a bug or I missed something in the mini tutorial. If you do take my suggestions, I thank you a lot.

Amazing Train Simulator

One of the best train simulator games out there so far. This game has very detailed/realistic train operations, graphics, sounds, and missions. But there are a few flaws and missing details though. Please add &/or fix: -crossing signals/gates at grade crossings -locomotive bell -game reset option (for when we get stuck &/or fail a mission) -install track signals that operate/change colors for better realism. (track signals appear to be just for looks) -correct and relocate the city skylines to the correct city (example: sadly I noticed the Chicago Skyline was in Miami and not in Chicago) -have the train derail when operated poorly I understand this game is new yet, so I’m not too disappointed. I rated this game 4 stars but will be happy to rate 5 stars when improved upgrades are released and the bugs are fixed in the up coming updates. Thank you very much for listening and I’ll be looking forward to updates soon :-)


This is an amazing game for a phone, or iPad, probably the best but there's some things that would make it even better, for example: lights, i really want lights for the passenger cars for nighttime and for the cab. Sound, also it would be cool if you added realistic sound for what the trains actually sound like with the horn, engine sound and so on.. finally, maybe make it so you can activate a bell for the train, that would be cool. Although I have a lot of suggestions I still think this is a great game. If you can please add those things, it would be awesome. Thank You.

Really Good

This is a huge step forward for IOS train simulators. Graphics are really great. Game concept is really good and well thought out. Most previous train sims for IOS have been garbage. You may have to spend some additional money to do the things you want, particularly at the beginning, but that is a common format for a lot of other good sim games; World of Tanks, etc. After 1st run, I had it figured out and have very few penalty points. another commenter; all end cities have balloon tracks to turn your train around, so you don’t have to run backward. Great job on this!

Sound Track Notice

I wanted to give no stars because the sound “tracks” are from an app called GarageBand. I hope you like the game😀

Please update with turn around

I hate driving the train backward. PLEASE ADD SOME TURN ROUNDS. Besides that I love the game.


Game is fun. However one major problem exists at the railroad crossings. If you have a very long train, it starts fining you for not honking at railroad crossings at the end of the train. Even if you hold the horn through the entire length of your train passing through. Please fix, I'm losing a lot of money to nonsense penalties.

Needs a better tutorial

Losing coins cause of fines and having crazy repairs because of not completely understanding game.... bad buy not worth the $5

DONT GET ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I take everything back I find this game not realistic at all and not worth 5 dollars so no one buy this and also what are you supposed to spend your In-App purchases on because you can’t buy trains or cars because their is a required “level” even though there is nothing that tells you what level your on and all the trains have the exact same horn and no bell wow ya this is sooo realistic Plus you have to pay 4,000$ for gas woow nice

Please add a Bell


Grade Crossing Fines

The game works extremely well. My only concern is that when pulling a very long train, I get fined for not using my horn at the crossings. Other than that, the game is amazing.

It’s good

I like the details and physics. But the hills are so steep I got stalled in the middle of nowhere. Other than that it’s okay wish the hills weren’t so steep. Wish the trains had bells on them like real trains do.

Can't play the game

Can't play the game and trying to figure out how to get a refund. Game quits on me after 2 min of playing it and kicks me out. All the functions also are on a delay

Update idea

I'm loving the game but I'm I don't like having to go backwards in the game, maybe like, uncouple the train, go on the turn table, and turn around and back couple back to your train. That's what think the update should be. Please fix this. Awesome game👍

More locations

This game is awesome. I like how you can change everything and make multiple stops for different missions. Only thing I wish that it had was more locations. It gets a little boring when you go to the same locations. Maybe try and expand it to the west coast instead of just having the Midwest and east coast. That’s would be my only negative about this game.

Unable to make repairs

I bought the game and after an hour of use, I had to make emergency repairs and not enough coins. There should be a way to play without all the in-app purchases. I could see paying extra for enhancements, but not for normal play. I wish there was either a way to start over or get a refund. I kind of feel ripped off. I’m stuck with a game I can’t play.

So so

It’s a bit hard to play and wouldn’t recommend for a first timer. Once you run out of fuel you have to pay for more. Are you serious?

Love it

Best iOS train simulator app ever. Amazing graphics and fun to play. My wife got mad at me because I wouldn’t put the game down. :) I love it.

Pls add

I really love the game and 1 thing i would like to mention is add a bell to the locamotives thanks!!

I love game

Good morning /afternoon to the developers of this lovely game!!! I love it very much I have zero problems with the game very fun! Only things I would love out of this game if it had the following 1. Inside train car camera mode as a passenger view! More zoom in/out capacity! Different camera angle in the cab of the locomotive! 2. Interior lights inside the cab to see control panel! Bell indicator as approaching train station or departure or at railroad crossing! 3. The option to manually connect and disconnect train cars on site to be able to move locomotive alone onto turntable or to move train elsewhere! With out the hassle to go to the menu to remove cars or trains off the track to choose a different setting of trains and cars! Maybe turntable house to park your train in 4. The opportunity option to place locomotive in front of train consent and to place one on the rear of the train or in the middle!!!! 5. Realistically in real life trains can be miss-matched two different models can be on tracks but in the game is only set to have same model and makes in one consent Please fix that option to place different locomotives how we want!! 6. Have more locomotive train cars for different passengers! Like a dome car first class car luggage car 7. the option to choose more then the list we have for locomotive train selection Steam locomotive or any other type of steam locomotives and electric trains 8. Have more drivable location for trains to travel or even have freight trains travel across the country and not one side of the map and missions with longer train cars option 9. Maybe have moving Visual moving objects such as Animal deer or flying animals birds etc animal life Maybe also for realistically environment Have winter season fall spring summer all season And more realistically time scales not second by second Change the time scales to real day time as we play!!! In the game when we play we see day time maybe 5-6 minute in real time and then already dark !!! Please fix time scales though Thanks

Very great game but

THIS IS A VERY GREAT GAME I LOVE THE GRAPHICS AND ALL THE CONTROLS MOVING but add a bell to the trains, put different horns in each locomotive, and have the trains change direction instead of going in reverse

Love it!

I play many train sim games and I gotta say it's extremely well built for a phone game. I love the fact that you make money and can build huge trains, and even MU some together. Being a train conductor in real life and seeing how much detail went into this game is incredible. I would like to be able to sell off railcars and engines to help towards upgrading to a new and better engines and cars. Maybe some steam engines and old style freight and passenger cars. Maybe even give each engine it's own motor and horn sound. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS AND GALS!!

Save your money

My train is so far in debt and there is no way to start over.


You can’t sell any of the cargo or passenger cars! It’s frustrating because you are stuck with them.

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