Train Simulator PRO 2018 App Reviews

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Interesting on the surface, but

I was interested in a simulation not a game. I very quickly got annoyed by the cyber-coins, jewels, etc. If you're a gamer this may be for you. It wasn’t for me. Sorry guys.

Not worth the money

Graphics are good but game play is boring and a waste of time. No wheel slip, AI trains are a joke, you can’t turn the locomotive around, no actual free drive mode, and the brake noise is god awful.... for the money, Trainz driver is more enjoyable.

Awesome game

I love this game. You should really add a f59phi locomotive

Like the game, So far..

The whole game is awesome but you guys/girls that develops these games need to start updating the games like with lighting in this on the trains, or adding more trains etc. I could go on and on, but the fact is you just need to start updating your games and then it’s good for you guys making more money with people buying the games, because the reviews will be up to 5 stars. Just giving some feedback, But the graphics on the games are great, better than any other game on iOS in my opinion. Hope you see this and maybe just at least update 1 game of yours, Thanks.

Some things need improved...

Overall, this is a great game; however, there is one glitch I’ve noticed. If you’re running a long freight train, it will say that I did not use my horn at a crossing. You also cannot switch the direction of locomotives if you’re running with extra traction. It would also be nice if you were able to turn on the bell when coming into a station.


This game is so stupid and the biggest waste of 4.99 you will ever spend

Waste of money

You spend mor time spending money than running the simulator. Nothing more than a scam to make much more more money for the developers. Considering it cost $5.00 this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. I WANT A REFUND FOR THE APP PURCHASE.

Nice, but frustrating for mom simmers

Graphics are beautiful. Gameplay is awesome. The only drawback here is that you cannot buy other trains at the start. Seems like you must play the game and earn the right to buy the other trains. No matter how much money you’re willing to throw at it, the game will not let you buy anything at the start. Frustrating, given that this game tries to complete against Trainz2, who by the way, allows you to buy anything you want from the start. Great, but open it up. This game is for mobile, not PC. People don’t have hours and hours to kill on a power sensitive device. I just want to play a couple of runs and that’s it. No need to kill my phones battery and be locked to a wall socket just because I’m trying to unlock the right to purchase another train.

Fix u hills

I really want you to fix your hills because I stalled before I could even get to the top it’s ubsurd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cash Grab App

This app makes u pay for additional coins or you cannot fix the train to make additional money. Developers are not concerned with fixing the problems on the app I will request a full refund from Apple. Make the game possible to play without having to fix the train every 10 minutes. DISASTER

Is this a joke??

Started First mission and engine broke and I didn’t have enough coins to fix it no way to get out of this without buying coins. I do not recommend this game at all will try and get my money back.

Good game, needs more work

This game has the best graphics but I'd like to see more infrastructure, trains, and routes to the west coast of USA. An option to use a bell would be great. Electric trains like the Acela HH-8, Acela express, and maybe the long island railroad. Great game and it's the best so far on a mobile device

Amazing Game! One suggestion.

Hello. I love this game and when i want to operate a railroad I come to this. I just wish I could upload a skin for the trains in the game. Could you add that?

Good but can be a lot better

Should seriously add some locomotives

Losing money

Great game but after I do each mission and losing money instead of gaining, please fix, I reach out to you guys and no respond.

Not a fan

I want my money back!


Great game, agree with others there too many speed zones, but fun non the less. I haven’t found it to be too hard to maintain comfort for passengers or too difficult to purchase things, gameplay is easy. But 1 star rating comes from this app crashes at the end of every single mission...can’t even play anymore because can’t finish a single mission.


Hi, I love the game but there is a bug that’s been crashing the game for me. Every time I start a mission and stop at a station it crashes. Plz fix

Huge waste of money

This app is such a huge waste of money. Why? Because there is exactly one train and it’s very boring. Anything else cost extra. You can get a way better train simulator for free. I got robbed for sure. Junk!

About the gold

For me, the gold says negative 57298. All though, I like the fact that this game looks realistic. Trainz has the competition. I honestly think that this is a fun game. Btw, I don’t like the fact that you have to unlock the engines. So, if you could remove that feature, I might make a video about the most downloaded train game in the world. And guess what, IT WILL BE THIS!!! Oh and btw, can you add crossing gates to all RR crossings? Thank you. And put a feature where u can derail ur train and put it back on the rails again. I think that will make this game more fun. Thank you very much.

Game just crashes with latest update.

Before the latest version, this was a basically fun game. Not perfect, but an entertaining way to pass the time. Since this latest update it just crashes any time you attempt to load/unload cargo or passengers. Every time. I waited to do the one-star review to give them time to correct and tried emailing customer support. No results yet. If they fix the crash this would be a solid 3-4 star game.

Unloading cargo

Just recently the game will not let me unload cargo. Every time I try to unload the game crashes. If I’m doing something wrong please let me know if not please fix. I’m ther then that game is okay would be nice to see different locomotives and more controls such as power on and off throttle notches and being able to hook and unhook cars easily. Thanks


This is an amazing game.


The graphics on this game are beautiful, but I fry my traction motors every time. If I recall this game cost me 9.99 and it wants more money from me to fix my train!

Lost 850 gems

I bought the bucket of gems and the game crashed then when I tried to get back on I still had 20 gems and 9.99 went to wast I want my gems or a refund. And could you make an update so we can sell trains

Game lacks proper lighting, or any lighting at all for that matter.

The game has day and night cycles, but the only lights in the game are your locos head lights. At night the rail stations are pitch black, you can hardly see the passengers get on or off. Also the locos cabin and instrument panels have no lighting at all, so at night the locos cabin is pure darkness. Seems like a big miss to me and sort of surprising. Also, they should have a toggle for the fluorescent orange line that hovers over the train tracks telling you the shortest distance to your destination. Having a big orange strip covering the rail way ruins the scenery in a big way and a toggle switch it on and off seems like a no brainer for those who wish to admire the scenery and not have immersion violently ripped away. I hope they are not done working on this. It’s so close to being epic.

Bug fixes needed

No matter how much I weigh on the horn at crossings I still get hit with failure to sound the horn. Otherwise awesome game!

Not worth the money

I’m very disappointed in this, If you’re looking for fun and excitement in the simulator game, This is not it. I would like a refund myself.

Fun? When does that start?

This game is boring. All signals are green. You can’t see them til you’re on top of them. Speed limits of 100 mph for freight? Uh, no. Too many speed changes. No station stops. You just start gaining speed (only about half of what the limit is) when the speed changes again. Yawn.......

Latest update has broken the game

The game is unplayable with the most recent update. Feels like the company wanted to make a quick buck and ignored product quality all together. But none the less the game has potential if development would fix the lingering issues that have been around for months now.

Great game! Railroad crossing issues.

Love playing the game but the railroad crossing issues have to be only happens when you are pulling a large train..I had a 45 car train and it kept on happening. I was leaving Miami and there are 3 crossings. I got hit for over $15,000 dollars in fines for not sounding my horn which I did before and during the length of the whole train and it did not because of it I can’t get a perfect run which gets me gems..PLEASE FIX!!

Walking outside the cab

You should update this game so that we have the ability to walk outside the cab.Also can you add more train engines please

Not a good game,

It started off good, game was challenging and realistic like, after spending some money I was really digging this game, then all of the sudden I was not able to sign up for a new mission, when I finally figured out how to get a mission that I didn’t want now I can’t complete it! I tried to get in touch with a tech guy but all they do is send you a confirmation email and that’s it! Don’t waist your time or money with this game! Take my warning!!

Could be better!

This game is a great game but It would be a whole lot better if there weren’t as many speed zones throughout the game. It gets really annoying to have to start and stop every five minutes because you have a 45mph zone and a 30mph zone coming up every five minutes. Another bad thing about this game is the comfort level of you passengers which decides how much money you make after each mission. That’s all good but even when you are going the speed limit coming into a station and you have to stop to unload you passengers your comfort level drops which is ridiculous because how can you unload your passengers if you don’t stop? Yes I understand that if you stop to quick this would be a problem but we’re talking about stopping slowly and it still hurts your comfort level. I’ll give this game two stars only because the rules are horrible. Engines cost way to much and get damaged too easily. This game could be wonderful and fun but it’s not because of the rules of the game.

Games a rip off

This game is a rip off. You can only play one mission and if you run out of gas you need 4800 coins to buy more. So of course you must use real money to buy coins. So $4.99 to buy the game and then buy diamonds and coins. Don’t waste your money.

Save your money

I am very disappointed in this supposed simulator, I wish I could get a refund.

It's okay - Crashing Problems

Well what little I have played this game seems to be pretty good. Except the game keeps crashing. Don't think the cost is worth paying until it is fixed. So beware of what you getting your self into.

Great game’s but some bugs

Hello, today I am here to tell the creator TruckerPRO2017 and TrainSimPRO2018 two days ago I was buying on TrainSimPRO2018, 170 gems for $2.99 dollars. And on TruckerPRO2017 80 gems for the same amount $2.99 dollars. I bought it and nothing happen, my gems didn’t go up. So please fix this bug as this will be a relief. Thank you.

Do not buy

Game is nothing but problems since I have downloaded, froze up and can not play it at all, no response from support in 4 days, also never received gem that was purchased. Do not buy this game.

Crashes too much

Crashes every time I finish a mission causing me to not get my payout. Expected more for an app you pay for.

Game freezing and closing

Once new update happened, game began freezing at completion of passenger missions and won’t even allow a start to freight missions. Just freezes and closes. Please fix.


I love this game they don’t have that many train games . I recommend that you can go around the whole USA. Pls do this and I will be happy and I will like it better like you can go to Los Angeles or Denver

This game is Awesome but it is kind of bad

This game is awesome I love it but it’s kind of bad

Young and proud

The trains should have lifespans and as they get older they get rusted. That would make the game even more realistic!


This game is terrible. When I first got it everything was going well until after 2 min. It said that I need to make repairs. But since I just got the game I did not have any coins. So then I could not do anything without paying 3$. This game is just a money grabber. Also, when I started playing the game i had 1000 coins but then It kept taking those coins from me for no reason. Do not buy this game.


This game is the best mobile train simulator around. Only suggestion is to add bells to the trains!

Matt's Review

Hi friends, this is a fun game, but, needs an update. A head light going both directions, a bell, appropriate horns for corresponding locomotives. Now, I've just been using the passenger trains, so I will write more once I've expanded. Have a great day!

Obvious cash grab, requesting refund

“You must stop for emergency repairs, pay 4000 gold.” You need fuel? Give us gold. You should really upgrade the durability of your engine so it doesn’t break down every 10 minutes, spend some gold sucker. This GAME is built around IAPs, gems and gold and stupid upgrades only added in to milk your wallets. There isn’t a route map of any kind, which makes changing switches totally pointless yet the game allows you to change them. The screen shots in the App Store are not true to the game you will end up downloading. There are only 2 camera options, cab view and a close up aerial view, definitely NOT a distant aerial view like what is shown the screen shots. Why do no oncoming trains have their lights on? Why do all trains in this app pull exactly three cars? This game does absolutely nothing original and there are better train based sim/games on the App Store. The PRO in the title must refer to professional IAP implementation because there is nothing pro about the gameplay.

Problem with directions

So, I love this game a lot. It’s has good gameplay, graphics, and missions. However, there is a problem. There is always a yellow line on the track when I’m doing missions and the train is just going straight just fine, but then the line/direction suddenly changes, forcing me to go backwards the rest of the way. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to avoid this? Help me out, please. Thanks.

More of a game than a simulator

Being an avid train simulator runner, I found this app to be more of a game that an actual simulator. To start, you get a slow almost useless loco with 2 passenger cars. You have to run the missions(route scenarios as we enthusiasts call em) to get enough gold so you can buy more rail cars or locos. Which is lame. Most simulators provide up to 7 or more locos and a variety of rail cars to start. There’s an annoying yellow strip on top of the tracks that I guess guides you in the right direction but really takes away from the somewhat decent reality. The fines on exceeding speed limit and failure to blow horn are lame as well. This app is just another “pay to win”game.

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